Vorto is a specialist consultancy with vast experience and expertise in helping your organisation maximise its investment in ServiceNow®.

strategy and vision BoW.png

Preparing your workplace for service management by focusing on strategies to transform people, processes, tooling and data.

Create architectural blueprints to enable strategic technology decision making. Benefit from our fresh perspectives and ideas to help ratify your objectives and create a road map for adoption.

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Ensures the right needs are met and the respective solutions implemented by undertaking analysis of your business practices, processes and supporting technology.

Provide you with the intelligence to articulate a target state by identifying business opportunities, cost savings and reduction in operational friction.

Perform continuous improvement analysis and redesign of processes and operating models or fully re-engineer radical change across people, processes and technology.

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Aligned with our best practices, design the overall solution and work closely with resources to provide capability uplift for your workforce.

Provide specialist architects, application developers and integration leads across a multitude of tools and disciplines. Deploy from our toolkit of accelerators to deliver solutions quickly and effectively to provide early value .

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Provide complete programme and project management services including governance, senior stakeholder engagement, project tracking, project health and reporting. Work closely with your organisation to deliver communication plans, training and education and non-disruptive deployment strategies.

Identify opportunities to accelerate your business capability, realise value through well managed change and integrate your best practice frameworks and methodologies to achieve continuous improvement in your organisation.

Strong data governance policies focusing on quality and coverage we also drive towards the federated management of data reducing bottlenecks and maximising the value of your tools.

maturity and automation BoW.png

Do service management properly which means your organisation realise the true benefits of a rich platform that with many opportunities for automation across all processes.

At our largest customer for example, we were able to automatically resolve 35% of events and incidents thus reducing operational risk with significant cost savings.