About Us

 From Andy and Shuaib, founders

Having worked together for 20 years at Lehman Brothers, Barclays, CitiGroup and more recently on projects for many of the world’s largest investment houses, we knew that we could use our Dev/Ops expertise to directly improve clients’ experiences.

The result was Vorto. Disappointed by much of the ServiceNow partner market, we realised that too many consulting partners lacked understanding of how people and businesses work. The ‘big five’ in particular had little inside knowledge of the environment they were working in and failed to bring the right thinking and tools to process management.

At Vorto we focus on reducing process time and ensuring security and compliance. We tend to work mostly with Financial Services clients, but we can apply our skills to any client looking to get the best from their investment in the ServiceNow platform We look forward to working with you

Andy & Schuaib