Built on ServiceNow® technology, Vorto Chat Connector establishes a bi-direction integration between ServiceNow and Symphony to improve real operational efficiencies through effective collaboration.


Vorto Chat Connector provides a seamless and advanced user experience, allowing ServiceNow tasks to be seamlessly integrated with Symphony so you can communicate securely and effectively with integrated messaging, file sharing, audio/video conferencing and screen sharing. Protect your data with end-to-end encryption and comply with global regulations both within and across enterprises. This will result in:

  • Significant reduction in email volume.

  • Non IT users working in a collaborative chat capability rather than a traditional task and queue solution that’s designed for IT.

  • A set of pre-configured bot commands for the core ITSM processes to support immediate actions remotely from Symphony.

  • A flexible bot framework to create new commands quickly and easily.

  • Removes the need for over subscribed conference calls in support of complex releases and major incidents.

Chat Connector provides an API, authentication and a BOT framework to action workload in ServiceNow® directly.

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