The physical layer has increasingly and importantly become the single point of IT operational dependency – thus fully integrating it with your ITSM solution allows organisations to optimise their data centers and build an efficient and effective foundation for delivery across IT.



Built on ServiceNow® technology, Vorto DCSM brings this complex environment in one single platform is the solution:

  • Data center infrastructure is directly connected to the CMDB to understand hosted applications and services to fully appreciate the dependencies and impact of changes.

  • Avoid paying too much for your existing product. See how our offering can provide the capability at a greatly reduced cost without compromise.

  • Does your company already have ServiceNow? If it does our product provides a cost effective, feature rich solution that solves many of the challenges you face today. Even if you don’t have ServiceNow we can offer you a hosted solution to keep your costs low while providing a rich set of features.

  • Easily and quickly ascertain your rack spare capacity and which ones can hold new requests without a time consuming visual inspection.

  • See you power consumption by rack, if you have smart power it can be real time or if not from equipment specifications.

  • Raise a change ticket quickly, easily and auto populate the approvals based on which services are running in your racks.

  • Understand which applications are running on obsolete hardware.

  • And much more.

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